A little bit about me

Staff paper and a mechanical pencil are the tools of my art.  In my compositions I seek to express the music I hear within and make it audible to the world. As I write a piece, it develops organically and without regard to traditional “rules” of harmony and voice leading. I begin with a phrase and listen for what should come next. The process is ongoing until the piece feels complete – when I have a sense that it is “right”. With the addition of a performer, dots and lines are transformed into sound and music is created.

Music has always been an integral part of my life and my greatest, most complete moments are when I am actively involved with music in some way. It is my joy to be creating music every day.

In July, 2015, Roger Cole had the pleasure of traveling to Spain to perform “Coffee with my Clarinet” in Madrid during the International Clarinet Association’s annual event – ClarinetFest 2015. Thank you to Roger Cole, Professor Emeritus of Clarinet for submitting the set to the ICA!